Inovação para a Agricultura

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 Projetos de Bioeconomia

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Entidade líder do projeto: Novamont S.p.A.
Responsável pelo projeto: CECILIA GIARDI
Site do projeto:

Matrìca S.p.A.; SoliQz BV; SIP Ltd; Roelmi HPC Srl; Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna

Breve descrição:

The FIRST2RUN project aims at demonstrating the techno, economical and environmental sustainability at industrial scale of a first-of-kind value chain where low input and underutilized oil crops grown in arid and/or marginal lands and not in competition with food or feed, are exploited for the extraction of vegetable oils to be further converted into bio-monomers as building blocks for high added value bioproducts, biolubricants, cosmetics, bioplastics, additives through the integration of chemical and biotechnological processes.
By and co-products from the process will be valorised both for energy, feed for animals and added value chemicals productions in order to increase the sustainability of the value chain. Standardization, certification and dissemination activities will support the project in relation to increased marketability as well as social acceptability of developed biobased products in view of their penetration in the market.