Inovação para a Agricultura

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  • Inovação na Agricultura


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 Projetos de Bioeconomia

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Entidade líder do projeto: Lahti University of Applied Sciences
Responsável pelo projeto: Susanna Vanhamaki
Site do projeto:

Regional Council of Paijat-Hame; Deputy Regional Ministry of Environment Castilla-La Mancha; Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; regional Development Fund of central Macedonia on behalf of the Region of central Macedonia; National Research and Development Institute for Chemistry and Petrochemistry ICECHIM; Association of the Chambers of Agriculture of the Atlantic Area

Breve descrição:

BIOREGIO will improve knowledge related to circular economy of biological materials and strive to increase the recycling rates of these materials. The expertise of best available technologies, e.g. biorefinery, biogas production, and relevant cooperation models, e.g. ecosystems, networks and administrative cooperation, will be transferred. The project will share expertise and promote the possibilities for closing the loops of biological streams, e.g. develop the materials to be used as fertilizers and biofuels, instead of disposal.