Inovação para a Agricultura

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 Projetos de Bioeconomia

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Entidade líder do projeto: University of Hohenheim
Responsável pelo projeto: Andreas Kiesel, Iris Lewandowski
Site do projeto:

Wageningen University; INRA; Aberythwyth University; Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore; University of Zagreb; Novamont S.p.A.; Mogu Srl; AVA Biochem BSL AG; Addiplast SA; INA d.d.; Indena SpA; C.M.F. GREENTECH S.R.L.; Consorzio di Bonifica di Piacenza; Gießereitechnik Kuehn; Ecohemp S.r.l.; Miscanthusgroep; Terravesta; Vandinter-Semo; NovaBiom; Miscanthus F.A.R.M.; Cluster SPRING

Breve descrição:

The goals of the project are to produce sustainable products with a strong market potential, to guarantee a reliable and affordable supply of sustainably produced biomass, and to better link biomass producers with the processing industry. In order to avoid competition with food and feed crops, miscanthus and hemp are cultivated on areas that have been polluted for example by heavy metals, or are unattractive for food production due to lower yields.