Inovação para a Agricultura

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  • Inovação na Agricultura
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 Projetos de Bioeconomia

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Farma Chitas

Entidade líder do projeto: Farma Chitas SA
Responsável pelo projeto: Gio Antoniou
Site do projeto:


Breve descrição:

Small farmers often lack the capacity to manage the waste produced on their farms. In order to address this problem and create added value, the farm Chitas SA, an industrial scale pig farm which also operates a biogas plant, came up with the idea of working with local farmers. Farmers sign a contract with the company, which in turn collects the waste from their farm and transfers it to its biogas plant to produce biomethane. The biomethane production unit uses waste produced by poultry farms, dairy farms, local fish farms, etc. Apart from the biomethane production, the digested material from this process is turned into a fertilizer for local farmers. The farm keeps daily records of all biomethane production parameters, including all of its inputs and outputs.

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