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 Projetos de Bioeconomia

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Biorefinery GLAS - A small-scale farmer-focused biorefinery demonstration project

Entidade líder do projeto: Institute of Technology, Tralee
Responsável pelo projeto: James Gaffey
Site do projeto:

Carbery Dairy Co-operative; Barryroe Co-operative; University College Dublin; GRASSA BV

Breve descrição:

This project will help farmers improve their income by becoming biomass processors rather than just suppliers of raw biomass. The project will provide new opportunities to diversify agricultural production and contribute to reducing GHG emissions in the agricultural sector. The project activities include setting up and operating a small-scale mobile grass biorefinery that will be used for demonstration purposes on multiple farms in South West Ireland. The project partners will develop a process for producing and validating multipleproducts from grass through biorefining. These include an improved fodder press-cake fibre for cattle, a protein concentrate feed for monogastric animals and high-value prebiotic sugars.

More information here.